Terumi Kai
Expert in learning languages

CEO of
Japan Language Factory
2-Month Master Course
for Foreigners

CEO of Language Coaching Portal Language Coaching Program for Language Instructors

Terumi's Language Learning Method Language is not just studied but trained.
An astonishing speed where language learners can speak a new language
within two months.

The reason you can speak
in just 2 months
with the Terumi Learning Method

The traditional problem with language learning lies in the speed of learning. Conventional learning methods such as alphabets, vocabulary, and grammar often encounter numerous challenges—difficulty in memorizing words, inability to pronounce correctly, struggle in forming sentences, and lack of understanding grammar. Consequently, most learners cram for exams, only to forget how to speak the language shortly after. Unfortunately, this is the current norm in language learning.

However, with Terumi's Language Learning Method, we adopt an approach closest to how babies acquire their native language. Through a sequence of listening practice, pronunciation exercises, and conversational drills, we enable learners to naturally start speaking without relying on alphabet spelling or studying grammar. Additionally, we provide unique bilingual mindset training, learning guidance, and lifestyle coaching to help individuals become bilingual.

Terumi Kai's Profile

Terumi Kai is a seasoned professional in Japanese coaching and also serves as the CEO of JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY. Born and raised in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, Terumi spent her first 30 years immersed solely in her native culture without any international exposure. However, a bold decision at 30 led her to relocate to Europe, where she independently mastered English, Greek, and German through self-study. Drawing from her experience of developing rapid learning methods, Terumi now utilizes her skills in her 2-month Japanese Mastery Course. She has innovatively devised a learning method that emphasizes speaking from the get-go, much like how Japanese children learn, without focusing on the spelling of Hiragana and Kanji. Terumi is passionately dedicated to guiding language learners through an effective and engaging learning journey by leveraging her unique methodologies.

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